Painters Thread 113 Hopper

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Painters Thread Collection

Metallic is a small braided metallic from Au Ver a Soie is strong and does not fray easily in the needle. It is double the size of #4 Braid. It also stitches without easily tangling. It is recommended that the thread be used in lengths of no more than 24". Primary current uses are needlepoint and embroidery. 

Shimmer Floss is a braided combination of rayon and metallic fibers approximately 1/8" wide. As it is stitched it can be layed flat or simply stitched. Use as a single thread in lengths of 24" or less.

Gimpe is made by wrapping a viscose (Rayon) thread tightly around a core of cotton threads.  It is very flexible. It can be couched, stitiched with, or used as a tiny cording.

Single loop Rayon Gimp trim is made of the Painter's Rayon Gimp.  Easy to couch or stitch through. Approx 1/4" wide X 5m (5.5 yd)/ package