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Needlepoint Classes

The Flying Needles offers classes designed to help you learn the art of needlepoint basics or needlepoint embellishments.

 Canvas Basics

 As the owner of the shop for the past 18 years, I see so many completed needlepoint canvases coming to me for finishing that have been stitched incorrectly. After much time and money has been put into your needlepoint my philosophy is “why not invest a little more time and money and learn to stitch correctly and have a beautifully stitched canvas to show for it.

Basics class - $65.00 for 2 hours, all supplies included.

 Canvas Embellishment

Add dimension and charm to any canvas. As they say in the needlepoint world, “Bring your canvas to life” These classes are designed to teach you to look at your needlepoint canvas in a new way. Using a wide variety of needlepoint stitches and fibers to truly bring out the best in your work and have fun along the way.

 We also encourage stitchers of all levels to come and join us for open stitching. We all learn from one another and I’m always available for assisting stitchers in what thread or stitch to use. If extra time is needed I’m available for private sessions.

 Call the shop for more information or to make an appointment. (727) 581-8691

Ralph the Rhino

Ralph the Rhino

Ralph the Rhino is a fun project with many stitches. His purple body is done in a T Stitch allowing the canvas to mostly show through. The background stitch gives dimension. Canvas design by Patience Brewster and Stitches and Stitch guide by Lee Cox.

Give Thanks

This Fall Thanksgiving project has five different striped background. Upper left corner has beaded acorns with green leaves hanging on a branch. Barbara’s Needlepoint Designs

Melissa Shirley's Bee Basket

Melissa Shirley's Bee Basket

joy Star

A beautiful Joy Star with holly and gold and black checkered background. It has a ribbon trimmed acorn on top. Stitch guide and thread selection by Dianne Colitz.

don't let the bed bugs bite needlepoint canvas class

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

jingle pillow needlepoint class

Jingle Pillow

Melissa Shirley's wildwood basket

Melissa Shirley's Wildwood Basket

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Winter White Basket needlepoint class

White Winter Basket