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FN Club

Kelly Clark Sea Shore Tremendous Trees Club featuring the Tropical Trees.

Kelly Clark Sea Shore Tremendous Trees Club

Here at The Flying Needles we are going to start the Kelly Clark “Tropical” Tremendous Trees Club. This is a great fun project for any level of stitcher, from beginner to experienced. Each canvas comes with a Stitch Guide; threads and beads; an accessory kit and a full color photo of the finished piece.

There are 6 tree canvases altogether (pictured above), one coming out every other month, starting with the first tree, Tropics Flamingo Tree”. We would like to offer this opportunity as a “CLUB” with all 6 kits for a total of $720.00. If you are interested in doing just one tree, they are individually priced (cost includes the Stitch Guide, threads, beads, and an accessory kit).

Start with this cute “Tropics Flamingo Tree”, the other kits will be received here at the shop every other month.


*50% Deposit Taken Upon Signing Up for the Club

Be a Part of the Flying Needles Club!

Bee Skep Club

Kelly Clark Busy Bee Skep Club

Skep or "Skeppa", meaning straw basket to house bees, dates back to early Christian times.  Today it is much easier to use bee boxes when housing bees, however these beautiful straw baskets are perfect for garden ornamentation, or as Kelly has done here, adapted them fro needlepoint.

I have long been fascinated with the whimsical charm of bees and bee skeps, so when Kelly introduced these at market last year, I jumped at the chance to stitch a set for myself. I have now stitched all eight and The Flying Needles is now ready to offer them to you. Kelly's attention to detail makes these small canvases a pleasure to stitch. I know you will enjoy stitching these as well. Kelly's creativity for stitch and thread combinations are truly amazing. I know I will use them time and time again. I know you will enjoy stitching these delightful canvases as well.

Included with each canvas are her own Kit Treasures of beads, baubles, etc.... Ordering is as follows:

Option I - Join Bee Skep Club:

Each month for eight months, you will receive a Bee Skep canvas, stitch guide and all the threads to complete the project and Kit Treasures. Cost per month $160.00.

Option II - Canvas, Stitch Guide and Treasure Kit:

Each month for eight months, you will receive a Bee Skep canvas, stitch guide, and Kit Treasures. Cost per month $80.00.

Option III - Select your Favorite:

Select one several of your favorites with threads or without:

a. Canvas, stitch guide, and Treasure Kit - $80.00

b. Canvas, stitch guide, Kit Treasures and threads - Cost: #1 - $176.00, #2 - $151.25, #3 - $164.75, #4 - $160.50, #5 - $146.25, #6 - $161.25, #7 - $170.25, #8 - $151.25.

*Beads are not included, but are available for purchase.

If you join the Bee Skep Club for all eight projects, you will receive a free Bee Skep magnet from Puffin & Co.; a free small gold Bee charm to be added to the canvas of your choice; a Bee needle card; and a project bag to use for your Bee Skep project of the month goodies.

My Bee Skeps have been finished into pillows, stand-ups, and gift ornaments. I hope you will enjoy stitching on these utterly captivating canvas - each one is unique.

Sign up now for a wondrous Bountiful Hive of activity.